Syracuse: Oh! The places to go!

Assignment: List Post

Top things to do and places to go in and around Syracuse this summer

  1. Taste of Syracuse – Food and music festival
  2. Everson Art Museum
  3. Syracuse Chiefs – Minor League Baseball
  4. Syracuse Stage – Theater and performances
  5. New York State Fair
  6. Ballonfest – Hot air balloons and music
  7. Stone Quarry Hill Art Park
  8. New York State Blues Festival
  9. Restaurants of Armory Square
  10. Visit the Finger lakes

3 Comments to “Syracuse: Oh! The places to go!”

  1. The Zoo on a nice day, the MOST on a rainy day!

  2. I LOVE that you put the Taste of Syracuse first! Did you know they have a Twitter account now? @tasteofsyracuse! I think it’s just such an awesome event for Syracuse. Here’s my advice, though: GO EARLY IN THE DAY! Some of the crazies come out at night and it gets too packed for comfort.

  3. I haven’t really done anything in Syracuse yet other than go to classes, but I was wondering if there were any good art museums. The one you listed looks cool. I always like to check out the art museums in places I visit. How do you think it compares to ones in other places (like NYC, where I will admit the majority of my museum-going has occurred) ?

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