Syracuse University Hidden Gems: A Jump Start for Freshman

Assignment: Link Post

Some tips and key places at Syracuse University that will make your freshman year just that much better!

  1. Coffee: Bird Library’s Café, Pages, serves Freedom of Espresso Coffee, not the typical watered down coffee of other campus cafés

    Funk 'n Waffles - Open Mic Night

  2. Coke:  Don’t like Pepsi? Me either. People’s Place, the student run café in the basement of Hendricks Chapel, serves coke and Snapple products along with great coffee and at college student prices
  3. Music: Funk ‘n Waffles, located in the alley behind Marshall street, serves waffles and sandwiches by day, and hosts a variety of local and national musicians by night
  4. Nap Time: Looking for a place to take a power nap between classes? Check out Panasci Lounge on the third floor of Schine Student center – comfy chairs and always quiet!
  5. Textbooks: It’s a well known fact that textbooks are over priced, and they are even more over priced at the SU Bookstore at Schine. Feeling a bit strapped for cash? Check out Follets Orange Bookstore in Marshal Square Mall for used text books and better prices.
  6. Stairs to the Mount: If you’re living on the mount your freshman year and are tired of those 123 stairs… follow the path around the Women’s Build Tennis Court to find the “Drunk Stairs.” Just 30 stairs!
  7. Printing: If you used up your printing quota for the semester, make a friend at Newhouse – free printing all year round!

    Westcott Street Fair

  8. Grocery Shopping: Forget the overpriced, no-selection mini-marts on campus, find a friend with a car and head to Wegman’s in DeWitt. Just 10 minutes down the road to get to the biggest and nicest grocery store in the area.
  9. Jobs: Forget being a waitress off campus, get a well paying job on campus in a number of offices, departments and labs. Search the SU Student Employment website for Work Study positions.
  10. Get off campus: There is more to do off campus than you think! Check out for recommended places to eat, things to do and places to go!

2 Comments to “Syracuse University Hidden Gems: A Jump Start for Freshman”

  1. You make me want to go back to college!

    I agree about the grocery shopping-you’re better off at a large chain store than anywhere on campus, I’m sure.

  2. When I was a freshman, any ride I could get to a Wegmans, Target, etc. was very valued. Only made a couple of trips a semester and really wasted a lot of cash at Campus Stores! The tip should be to get to know upper classmen who have parking passes. Made Sophomore and Junior year a lot easier.

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