Daily Deals

1. Syracuse Athletics

Rationale: With an audience all over CNY and a passion for Syracuse, it makes perfect sense to advertise Syracuse Athletics particularly on my site where my audience comes to look for things to do in the area. My site reaches an audience outside of the city of Syracuse and might help draw a wider audience to games.

The offer: Banner Adds, side bar adds, sponsored mentions, sponsored reviews and branding around big games and tournaments, daily deals on discount ticket prices

2. Wegmans

Rationale: Everyone has to go grocery shopping and Wegmans is clearly the best local choice – however, they don’t always have the lowest prices. Advertising directly to locals with coupons that are relevant to their lives may be just enough to bring them to the stores, which are located all over the region.

The offer: Banner Adds, side bar adds and sponsored mentions when applicable to local events and happenings, daily deals on select items

3. SoundGarden

Rationale: Syracuse has a small but lively music scene which we could collectively tap into. By offering coupons and discounts for locals performances and music merchandise, SoundGarden can make itself known to those who live outside the city limits and may not know the shop exists or never really had a reason to visit.

The offer: Side bar adds and sponsored reviews and posts of events and gigs, option for users to listen to local music with SoundGarden branding on the player, daily deals on select albums and general coupons

4. Empire Brewery

Rationale: Empire Brewery is a local restaurant and microbrewery located downtown. It’s pretty successful during the lunch and dinner rush, especially on the weekend, but tends to get slow in the evenings and many overlook their in-house brews. By offering daily deals on their in-house brews it might encourage beer lovers to try a new place. I offer a large audience of diverse locals which trust my review of local food and drink.

The offer: Banner adds, side bar adds and sponsored reviews of the restaurant, Brew Fest and downtown events, branding near Brew Fest, Daily Deals on specials and in-house brews


Rationale: What better place to promote community services than a community oriented blog? Just like my audience, the YMCA has locations all over the region, making them easy to find for all readers who use the coupons. I have a large, community oriented readership who is always looking for things to do – this is the perfect match!

The offer: Side bar adds, sponsored reviews of facilities and community events, Daily Deals on memberships and youth activities


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