The Competition Central New York Blogs

Strengths: Vast collection of content, over 25 internally run blogs and an additional 32 community run blogs, apple opportunity for user generated content, and has the credibility of a well known name and established website.

Weaknesses: The community blogs aren’t always updated frequently, majority of community and staff run blogs have zero comments, difficult to share, the opportunity for engagement is being missed, and it feels too news-like.

My blog: I offer similar content – a range of local topics and events – but take a more personalize approach as opposed to a journalistic approach. I have less content, making searching my site a lot easier. I also offer lots of engagement opportunities and invite users to share their experiences and opinions.

Syracuse New Times

Strengths: Hyper local, lots of content, easy to navigate, large and interactive social media presence, and very easy to share content.

Weaknesses: Events calendar that is not user friendly, very little user engagement on the site, lot of ads mixed in with content areas, very text heavy with few images, posts tend to come multiple at a time with day between them.

My blog: My blog is also hyper-local spanning across a number of communities. I also plan to be interactive on social media but also interactive on my site. I will offer a user interface that is easier to use and more relevant content that comes out on a consistent basis.

Pulled Into Syracuse: Reviews of restaurants and eateries in the City of Syracuse

Strengths: Comprehensive coverage of restaurants in the Syracuse area, easy to view 5 star rating system, and the reviews include a link to the restaurant, it’s menu, and address.

Weaknesses: Very bland design, very few comments, not much engagement on the site, photos don’t make the food look appetizing

My blog: My blog offers very similar content – food reviews – but also much more. I offer multiple reviews of restaurants featuring different dishes, events at the location, and professional quality photographs in addition to posts about other community events and topics. My blog will be much more visually appealing and engage readers in the comments area.


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