May 19, 2011

Recall: Orange Cream Swirl

(Please note: this post is part of an assignment for class – this post is not based on actual facts or events)

Reason for the Recall:

We have voluntarily put out a recall on our Orange Cream Swirl ice cream in the states of NY, VT, NH, and MA due to the possibility of ammonia contamination in one of our distribution plants in the northeast region. After throughout investigation, we have found only a handful of cases with minor effects but want to take the highest precaution.

Our plants are 100% Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) compliant. Your health and safety, and that of your family and friends, is our top priority and we deeply apologize for any effect this may have had on you and appreciate your understanding during this critical time. Below is some information on how to identify the recalled product, what to do if you think you ingested contaminated ice cream, and how to contact us.

How to Identify the Recalled Product:

The only product effected by this recall is the Orange Cream Swirl flavor with the following criteria. All other products are completely safe and remain on the shelf.

  • Orange Cream Swirl 
  • Sell by date between 5.1.2011 and 5.15.2011
  • Sold in New York, Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts

What to do if you think you have been effected:

If you think you have gotten sick from any of our products, don’t hesitate, visit your family physician or your local emergency room and be sure to drink lots of water. While the effects of contamination are short term and non life threatening, we advise you to seek professional medical advice to ensure your health and safety.

More info on ammonia contamination:

  • Effects include: nose and throat irritation, headache, and irritated stomach
  • Drinking water helps to dilute any ammonia in a person’s system

Contact us with any questions:

Customers are encouraged to contact us with any questions or concerns or leave a comment below.

Phone: 1-800-234-5678


Twitter: @turkeyhill

May 19, 2011

Simple Summer Vacation: Take a Vacation Right in Your Backyard

If you’re finding planning summer vacations for your family difficult this year, we’ve got some suggestions for taking a vacation without leaving the neighborhood! No need to worry about soaring gas prices or answering “Are we there yet” – we’ve got you covered!

Who doesn’t love cooling off in the sprinkler on a hot day or lying in the sun at a local park? Take the kids to your local pool or lake for a day of water fun! A day at the water’s edge can be exciting for the kids and relaxing for you and all at a minimum cost.

If you don’t have a local pool or lake, set up a slip-n-slide, wadding pool or sprinkler in the backyard. On a budget, set up an old tarp and hose as a slip-n-slide. Or, if you are up for a summer investment, purchase a Banzai Aqua Blast Lagoon from your local Target store and entertain the whole neighborhood!

Take a break from the sun and cool off with some of our Light Raspberry Lemonade for the moms and some Sundae Cones for the kids!

(Please note: this post is part of an assignment for class – this post is not based on actual facts or events)

May 19, 2011

Teens in Syracuse Launch Ice Cream Truck for Charity

Last summer, a group of high school student’s in Syracuse, NY approached us with their idea: Selling ice cream to raise money for local not-for-profit organization Say Yes to Education which provides a range of services to help local children receive a better education, prepare for college and even help with tuition.

When the students approached us, we were thrilled at the idea! It’s truly amazing to see youngsters excited and passionate about giving back to their community to improve the future of kids just like them!

The young activists painted their Ice Cream Truck orange in the spirit of Syracuse since many of the children who are touched by Say Yes to Education in Syracuse will choose to attend a college close to home such as Syracuse University, LeMoyne College or Onondaga Community College.

We at Turkey Hill have offered to sponsor the student’s Ice Cream Truck for Charity project again this year, operating in the Syracuse are during the summer months of June, July and August. The Ice Cream Truck will be featuring some of your Turkey Hill products including our Stuff’d Ice Cream, Sports Flavors, Sundae Cones, Ice Cream Bars, and much more!

Last summer, the Ice Cream Truck made a profit of $5,000 dollars – all of which was donated directly do Say Yes to Education in Syracuse. This year, their goal is $10,000. Help them reach their goal – Listen for the Ice Cream Truck in your neighborhood and invite the team to your local events!

(Please note: this post is part of an assignment for class – this post is not based on actual facts or events)

May 18, 2011

How to Survive Your First Syracuse Winter

If you’re moving to Syracuse and are nervous about surviving a Syracuse winter, here’s some advice on how to make it. Veterans of winters passed, what are some of your suggestions?

Choosing the right car and accessories:

  • Car: If you come to Syracuse without a car and are looking to purchase a car, I highly recommend choosing an SUV or car with four wheel drive! The roads get bad and the snow plows can’t always keep up with the side streets.
  • Snow Tires: Whether you have a car or SUV, spend the money, get snow tires! They make a world of difference.
  • Snow Brush: Get a serious snow brush, not a dinky little one from a gas station, but hardcore, 3 foot snow bush with a scraper. Even better, make sure it has that wonderful end piece good for pushing the show off for days when the brush doesn’t cut it (aka most days).
  • Shovel: Keep a shovel and rock salt in your trunk. It’s inevitable that you or someone near by will get stuck and need a hand digging the car out at least once.
  • Auto-Starter: Consider installing an auto-starter in your car so you can start thawing out your car before you leave your house. In the dead of winter, sometimes the scrapper alone doesn’t cut it – you just have to wait for you car to heat up and help melt the ice.
  • Get off the couch: Haven’t driven in a few days? Do yourself a favor – brush off your car. The longer you wait, the harder and heavier it gets.
  • Snow Pants: Purchase snow or ski pants. When it comes down to it, that snow is cold, wet and gets blown all over the place. Add two minutes to your day by changing in and out of snow pants to clean off your car and save a few hours of wet-pants misery.

Winterizing your apartment:

  • Fire Place: If you are looking to buy or rent a house or apartment, seriously consider choosing one with a fire place. There’s nothing better in the winter than coming home and siting by a warm fire. And with heating prices what they are, it might save you a couple bucks!
  • Weather Stripping: Winterize your windows by using weather stripping, shrink plastic and curtains to keep that cold draft away! You can also buy special draft blockers for underneath your doors, or simply roll up an old towel.
  • Frozen Pipes: Worried about your kitchen sink pipes freezing? Here’s a tip I swear by – Open the cabinet doors and place a fan pointing into the cabinet. This simple tip will help bring your pipes up to the same temperature as the rest of your place.
  • Space Heater: Invest a space heater for your most used rooms or your even your office. At the end of the day, there’s really only so much you can do to keep the cold out, why not bring some extra heat in!
  • Socks at night: Don’t want to crank the heat or space heater while sleeping? Sleeping with socks can actually help you stay warmer in the night no matter how many other layers you choose to wear, or not wear.

Dressing for the weather:

  • Fashion: Worried about looking good out there in the cold? Stop. Dress to stay warm!
  • Winter Coat: Long coats seem to be in fashion around here anyway – the longer the coat, the warmer your legs say! Remember that down insulation is light and warm, just as warm as all synthesized materials, so give it a shot.
  • Winter Boots: When you buy winter boots, make sure they are actually waterproof. If they are fabric, use a non-silicone spray or a rain/stain repellent for extra protection.
  • Rain Boots: If you are worried about your feet getting wet, whether you are going to be outside for a long time or the snow has been melting, consider insulated rain boots. You can even make your own – wear the rain boots you already own with thick wool socks to keep your feet warm and dry.
  • Layers: Consider layering – wear leggings or tights under your pants and an extra long sleeved shirt on top to keep just a bit more heat in. Dress so you can add/remove layers as your body temperature fluctuates throughout the day.
  • Hats and Gloves: Don’t skimp on hats and gloves! Since you loose most of your body heat through your head, wear a hat! Even better, get one that’s long enough to cover your ears too. When its old and windy outside, you’ll notice your ears and fingers hurting from the cold, so don’t forget about those little parts!
  • Scarves: Scarves also help keep heat from escaping not only from your body but from inside your cocoon of layers! Not wearing a scarf is like turning up the heat and forgetting to shut the window. On a windy winter day, you’ll be glad you have some extra fabric to keep your face warm. Nothing’s worse than when your eyes water and freeze shut! (Scarves are my go to winter item – they make great accessories and blankets!)

How do you take on Syracuse’s harsh winter?

Do you have any winter tips you live by? Any tricks that might help out our winter newbies from across the county? Leave your best Syracuse winter survival tips in the comments section!

May 18, 2011

My Audience

The audience for this Syracuse based blog includes:

  • Residents of Syracuse, new and settled
  • Current and prospective Syracuse University students
  • Young professionals new to Syracuse or considering taking a job in Syracuse
  • Visitors to the area

Content my readers are interested in include:

  • New and fun things to do in Syracuse
  • Info and reviews on local events and attractions
  • Recommendations and reviews of restaurants, bars and shops
  • Places to visit around Syracuse University
  • A student’s off campus guide to Syracuse
  • Top things to do if visiting Syracuse for the weekend
  • Fun local history
  • Why Syracuse is great!

Readers are motivated by:

  • Curiosity about the small city of Syracuse
  • Things to do in and around the university area
  • Adventuring outside of their neighborhood
  • Desire to find new gems
  • Entertaining guests or planning a trip
  • Deciding about moving to Syracuse or attending SU

Readers come to my site for:

  • Dynamic content
  • Personal feel
  • Advice on what to do in Syracuse as a local, student or visitor
  • Less tourism based than Visit Syracuse
  • More localized and less news oriented than
  • Personal and review based (unlike Downtown Syracuse)
  • One stop shop for all things Syracuse! Makes finding things to to, places to go, and reviews of events easy to find.

May 17, 2011

What’s Your Favorite Syracuse Pastime?

I want to know, what is your favorite thing to do in Syracuse? When you want to get out of the house and go have fun, what’s your go-to? Is it sledding and skiing? Soaking up the sun on one of the local beaches? Wining and Dining?

Take the poll and leave a comment to be entered into a drawing! The prize will be based on the winning activity and the winner will be selected based on most passionate comment! Tell me what you love about living in the ‘Cuse!

May 17, 2011

Career Advice from Kim in ‘Cuse!

Kim Brown, Alumni Programs Coordinator at Syracuse University Career Services, offers fantastic tips and advice on her blog for anyone just starting a career or anyone back in the job market. Kim knows the challenges that job-seekers face in this tough economy and she has one specific goal: Helping you find you find your dream job! With a degree from Syracuse University and years of experience covering local news here in Syracuse, she’s our type of gal!

Here’s a little bit more about Kim:

Highlights from my Q&A with Kim:

Maren: What would you say to someone who says, “I’ll never a get a job in thie economy?”

Kim: Be positive. If you’re confident in your skills and if you share those skills by networking, you WILL get a job. Trust us.

Maren: Any specific career advice for job seekers in the Syracuse area?

Kim: If you’re an SU alum, join us at our SUccess in the City networking event on June 7th! For others, read the Job Advice blog!

Do you have a question for Kim? Connect with her on her favorite sites – LinkedIn and Twitter!

Links for Career Advice or Job Openings in Syracuse:

Kim’s Career Advice Blog

SUccess in the City

Syracuse University Job Openings Job Advice blog Job Search

May 17, 2011

Snow and Rain and Potholes, oh my!

Assignment: Rant post

So after seven months of snow and blizzards, here we are, spring in Syracuse. The snow has finally melted and the rain keeps coming. After the toll the elements have taken, it’s understandable that there are potholes on the city streets… but by mid-May, they should be filled.

At the bottom of the Harrison Street hill, between Irving and Almond/I-81, where there is arguably the most traveled stretch of city streets, the potholes are inexcusable. The city claims its out there working, but I’ve seen little progress, especially in these high volume areas.

On a sunny day just a few weeks ago, going about 20mph, I got a flat tire from simply driving down the street. This is unacceptable. Where are all those tax dollars going? When the snow melts, those holes should be fixed! Perhaps it’s because the hospital is around the corner the city isn’t concerned with rush hour traffic accidents, but if those holes get any bigger, we’ll be loosing cars to China! 

May 17, 2011

Syracuse: Oh! The places to go!

Assignment: List Post

Top things to do and places to go in and around Syracuse this summer

  1. Taste of Syracuse – Food and music festival
  2. Everson Art Museum
  3. Syracuse Chiefs – Minor League Baseball
  4. Syracuse Stage – Theater and performances
  5. New York State Fair
  6. Ballonfest – Hot air balloons and music
  7. Stone Quarry Hill Art Park
  8. New York State Blues Festival
  9. Restaurants of Armory Square
  10. Visit the Finger lakes
May 17, 2011

Syracuse University Hidden Gems: A Jump Start for Freshman

Assignment: Link Post

Some tips and key places at Syracuse University that will make your freshman year just that much better!

  1. Coffee: Bird Library’s Café, Pages, serves Freedom of Espresso Coffee, not the typical watered down coffee of other campus cafés

    Funk 'n Waffles - Open Mic Night

  2. Coke:  Don’t like Pepsi? Me either. People’s Place, the student run café in the basement of Hendricks Chapel, serves coke and Snapple products along with great coffee and at college student prices
  3. Music: Funk ‘n Waffles, located in the alley behind Marshall street, serves waffles and sandwiches by day, and hosts a variety of local and national musicians by night
  4. Nap Time: Looking for a place to take a power nap between classes? Check out Panasci Lounge on the third floor of Schine Student center – comfy chairs and always quiet!
  5. Textbooks: It’s a well known fact that textbooks are over priced, and they are even more over priced at the SU Bookstore at Schine. Feeling a bit strapped for cash? Check out Follets Orange Bookstore in Marshal Square Mall for used text books and better prices.
  6. Stairs to the Mount: If you’re living on the mount your freshman year and are tired of those 123 stairs… follow the path around the Women’s Build Tennis Court to find the “Drunk Stairs.” Just 30 stairs!
  7. Printing: If you used up your printing quota for the semester, make a friend at Newhouse – free printing all year round!

    Westcott Street Fair

  8. Grocery Shopping: Forget the overpriced, no-selection mini-marts on campus, find a friend with a car and head to Wegman’s in DeWitt. Just 10 minutes down the road to get to the biggest and nicest grocery store in the area.
  9. Jobs: Forget being a waitress off campus, get a well paying job on campus in a number of offices, departments and labs. Search the SU Student Employment website for Work Study positions.
  10. Get off campus: There is more to do off campus than you think! Check out for recommended places to eat, things to do and places to go!