Goals and Metrics

Goal: To provide effective content and a community of engagement – focus on growth and increased reader engagement

Meeting my goal:

  • My site is a blog, not a comprehensive website, so it will opinion and conversation based about places and happenings
  • Ask tons of questions! Readers are often opinionated and passionate and I hope to play off of those opinions to generate comments and build polls.
  • Ask readers to submit their thoughts, tips, suggestions, reviews, photos, etc. – Since this is a blog about a community, I want the community to be active on the page and I might even have a “Community” page just for users to submit their own content.
  • A couple ideas for user content are: Bucket Lists, How-tos, Tips and Reviews
  • Work with local businesses and events to include co-promotion using ads and reviews
  • Connect with similar organizations locally who have a similar audience such as 40 Below, the Tech Garden, CenterstateCEO, VisitSyracuse.com, and more.
  • Build a comprehensive community calendar – a one stop shop for all events in the area which also allows users to add their own events
  • Incorporate job and review widgets into my site such as Syracuse Jobs, Business Finder and Yelp to help readers find places to visit if my own content doesn’t meet their needs
  • Build an engaged community by using real life scavenger hunts, building an interactive city guide, leaving tips on Foursquare and starting a hash tag for conversation on Twitter


  • Keep track of site and page visits and specifically pay attention to time of day, traffic around events, and time of year
  • Pay attention to which pages and posts get the most views
  • Study where visitors come from, pages they enter through and where they go when they leave my site
  • Monitor how many readers are commenting and on what topics
  • Pay attention to how many links are being shard and how
  • Keep count of unique visitors and loyal followers
  • Use analytic tools: Google Analytics, HootSuite, Klout and others

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