Emerging Trend: Citizen Activism

The Trend: Citizen Activism

As someone who has always been at least somewhat interested in activism and social good, I love that citizen activism is now popular and gaining momentum online and off. There are a number of tools that are making donating simple and easy using the technology we use everyday. For example, SwipeGood is a tool you attach to your credit card – it rounds up all of your purchases to the nearest dollar and donates that “change” to your choice of charity or organization. There are other tools similar to this, some based on clicking a link each day, using a specific search engine, or even using location based services to raise money.

Effects of Citizen Activism on my blog:

Citizen activism typically relates to donating money or volunteering for a cause, but it can also mean working to better your community – something my readers are likely to have a natural inclination for whether or not they know it. My readers live and breathe Syracuse and they want it to be a great place for everyone who lives or visits Syracuse. I don’t foresee any major conflicts surrounding this emerging trend and my blog as long as I am sure to highlight and review local activists and related activities – such as walks to raise money, events at local nonprofits and community activities.

Changes to my blog:

I think I will add a section to my blog, or category, that is specifically about social good, activism and community engagement. I will make sure that a good portion of my posts are about nonprofit organizations or social good activities – perhaps profile some members of the community who are active in this arena. I will also keep a running list of local organizations community members can get involved in or donate to.

How I will stay ahead:

I don’t think I will necessarily come to be a leader in the field of citizen activism but I will definitely embrace it. In addition to writing about social good and causes in the area, I will compile a list of local organizations, which users can donate to using tools like SwipeGood, GoodSearch, ChangingthePresent, Razoo, and GiveAsYouLive. Hopefully my blog will make getting involved in citizen activism easy and draw light to those involved in the community who work to make it a fun place to live and blog about!


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