Simple Summer Vacation: Take a Vacation Right in Your Backyard

If you’re finding planning summer vacations for your family difficult this year, we’ve got some suggestions for taking a vacation without leaving the neighborhood! No need to worry about soaring gas prices or answering “Are we there yet” – we’ve got you covered!

Who doesn’t love cooling off in the sprinkler on a hot day or lying in the sun at a local park? Take the kids to your local pool or lake for a day of water fun! A day at the water’s edge can be exciting for the kids and relaxing for you and all at a minimum cost.

If you don’t have a local pool or lake, set up a slip-n-slide, wadding pool or sprinkler in the backyard. On a budget, set up an old tarp and hose as a slip-n-slide. Or, if you are up for a summer investment, purchase a Banzai Aqua Blast Lagoon from your local Target store and entertain the whole neighborhood!

Take a break from the sun and cool off with some of our Light Raspberry Lemonade for the moms and some Sundae Cones for the kids!

(Please note: this post is part of an assignment for class – this post is not based on actual facts or events)


One Comment to “Simple Summer Vacation: Take a Vacation Right in Your Backyard”

  1. That sounds like fun…with rising gas prices there may be more and more slip-n-slide parties popping up 🙂

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