Let’s bring in some cash!

Blog Network: Post Standard/Syracuse.com Community Blog

Explanation: Syracuse.com has both internally produced blogs and community produced blogs. I plan to register for the community blog and contribute content in order to familiarize the community with my name and hopefully drive them back to my site. The Post Standard/Syracuse.com is the largest newspaper in the area and I would say and overwhelming majority of the CNY community reads it or visits the website on a regular basis for local news.

Pros: Large audience, similar audience, similar topics, possible recognition, access to new and applicable topics and events, potential SEO strengthening by linking to my own blog, added credibility and readership

Cons: No direct income, guidelines to follow, set up not as individual blogs but contributors to existing blogs and topics, no control over the look and feel, might lose ownership of content

Expectations: I wouldn’t expect any direct revenue but opportunities for indirect employment via speaking engagements and consulting and hopefully increasing the readership on my site where I am a member of Amazon’s affiliate program.

Affiliate Program: Amazon

Explanation: The Amazon affiliate program, while it might not bring in the most money, seems like a strategic way to bring in some cash. I would probably gear the items towards the season – winter gear, summer fun, and SU athletic wear.

Pros: Simple, easy to use, tracking tools to improve customization, some cash

Cons: Probably won’t bring in a ton of cash

Expectations: I would expect this to bring in some extra money but wouldn’t be able to rely on it at all. I think everyone can find something to purchase on Amazon so hopefully my readers will be inspired by the selection of seasonal items.

Sponsored Editorial Posts: Local and Regional Businesses

Explanation: I plan on writing the majority of posts about local restaurants, shops and events. Inviting local business to sponsor posts will benefit both of us – they will get a spotlight on their business and I will make a couple bucks. I wouldn’t charge a whole lot for sponsored posts since I will be writing similar content all of the time, but will be sure to limit any negative content and include their logo, pictures and a link to their site. I would charge more for posts outside of local businesses, such as tourist attractions or future events.

Pros: Build relationships with local businesses, build SEO with links, create additional content, build readership by having the business link to my site

Cons: Some money but still not a ton, might run out of places to write about, businesses might find more value working with larger sites such as Syracuse.com

Expectations: I would expect some participation and some consistent cash flow

Coupons and Weekly Deals: Local and Regional Businesses

Explanation: Who doesn’t like saving money? Syracuse is a small, but sprawling, city and it’s likely that people have their regulars. In a city with limited options, hidden gems, and tons of favorites, I think weekly deals would be a huge success!

Pros: Increased traffic, increased revenue, increased SEO and more chances to come up in a search

Cons: Time consuming, amount of revenue will vary greatly, Groupon and LivingSocial already exist

Expectations: I would expect this to be successful and bring in some cash on a regular basis – not enough to live on, but perhaps this year’s trip to A Taste of Syracuse .


Explanation: I already consult for businesses about using social media and I think that expanding my consulting to include blogging would be perfect next step. Enough local businesses have finally accepted and begun using social media and there is definitely a market for blogging consulting.

Pros: Additional income, networking,

Cons: Time consuming, content restrictions, client turn over periods

Expectations: I expect I would make a fair profit from consulting but it would be a challenge to maintain this blog and devote time to consulting at the same time.


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