My Audience

The audience for this Syracuse based blog includes:

  • Residents of Syracuse, new and settled
  • Current and prospective Syracuse University students
  • Young professionals new to Syracuse or considering taking a job in Syracuse
  • Visitors to the area

Content my readers are interested in include:

  • New and fun things to do in Syracuse
  • Info and reviews on local events and attractions
  • Recommendations and reviews of restaurants, bars and shops
  • Places to visit around Syracuse University
  • A student’s off campus guide to Syracuse
  • Top things to do if visiting Syracuse for the weekend
  • Fun local history
  • Why Syracuse is great!

Readers are motivated by:

  • Curiosity about the small city of Syracuse
  • Things to do in and around the university area
  • Adventuring outside of their neighborhood
  • Desire to find new gems
  • Entertaining guests or planning a trip
  • Deciding about moving to Syracuse or attending SU

Readers come to my site for:

  • Dynamic content
  • Personal feel
  • Advice on what to do in Syracuse as a local, student or visitor
  • Less tourism based than Visit Syracuse
  • More localized and less news oriented than
  • Personal and review based (unlike Downtown Syracuse)
  • One stop shop for all things Syracuse! Makes finding things to to, places to go, and reviews of events easy to find.


One Comment to “My Audience”

  1. All great reasons to be here!

    I found a few members of this class on twitter…always like to support new bloggers.

    I live 20+ miles outside the city, so it’s nice to read these blogs and find out new places to visit when I come to the city.

    You’re all doing a great job blogging!

    If anyone wants to, they can start a Nunes class group in my social network for bloggers…it’s sure to bring you some new visitors.

    The Blogging Buddies Social Network

    Also you can create a profile, and add your Twitter and Facebook links in the appropriate groups.

    keep up the good work!

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