Travel Blog Ideas

Assignment: Pick a general topic and come up with specific niches or topics within it which could be the basis for a blog

Topic: Travel

  1. Entertainment – stories of trips gone wrong, interesting characters met along the way, fun experience and discoveries
  2. Financial – Financial information on the tourism industry, how much money resorts, hotels, restaurants and attractions rake in each year or month
  3. Statistics – How many people visit specific destinations each year, what is the peak day, week or month, average cost of trip to specific locations, etc.
  4. Critique – Commentary on cities and places visited
  5. Review – Review specific attractions, restaurants, tours, and more in travel destinations
  6. News – World news as it applies to travel
  7. Offbeat – Off beat city guides, reviews of local places that aren’t usually tour destinations
  8. Local – hyper local travel blogs about small cities that often aren’t visited but could make a great travel destination or day trip
  9. Culture – What is the culture like of different destinations? A deep anthropological look at travel destinations on a large and small scale
  10. History of Travel – A deep look at the history of travel, exploration, and tourism
  11. History of Destination – Detailed and interesting information about the history of popular travel destinations
  12. Food – Food that is popular in specific countries, cities and neighborhoods around the world as well as best restaurants to sample the dishes
  13. Fashion – The latest fashion trends and best places to shop around the world



One Comment to “Travel Blog Ideas”

  1. Yes! I like the off beat city guides…that could be a pretty cool blog!

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