Career Advice from Kim in ‘Cuse!

Kim Brown, Alumni Programs Coordinator at Syracuse University Career Services, offers fantastic tips and advice on her blog for anyone just starting a career or anyone back in the job market. Kim knows the challenges that job-seekers face in this tough economy and she has one specific goal: Helping you find you find your dream job! With a degree from Syracuse University and years of experience covering local news here in Syracuse, she’s our type of gal!

Here’s a little bit more about Kim:

Highlights from my Q&A with Kim:

Maren: What would you say to someone who says, “I’ll never a get a job in thie economy?”

Kim: Be positive. If you’re confident in your skills and if you share those skills by networking, you WILL get a job. Trust us.

Maren: Any specific career advice for job seekers in the Syracuse area?

Kim: If you’re an SU alum, join us at our SUccess in the City networking event on June 7th! For others, read the Job Advice blog!

Do you have a question for Kim? Connect with her on her favorite sites – LinkedIn and Twitter!

Links for Career Advice or Job Openings in Syracuse:

Kim’s Career Advice Blog

SUccess in the City

Syracuse University Job Openings Job Advice blog Job Search


One Comment to “Career Advice from Kim in ‘Cuse!”

  1. Good information for job seekers…

    Love the answer to this: “I’ll never a get a job in this economy”

    Negative thinking will get you nowhere!

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