Why I am taking NunesClass

Pre-Assignment: Why did you chose to take this course?

I find blogging very interesting as it has changed the forefront of news and information sharing and provides unlimited possibilities for citizen journalism and independent critique. From an information standpoint, blogging provides a number of opportunities for companies and organizations of all sizes and industries to share internal information with their users and enhance their brand identity.

I decided to take this course, Blogging for Information Professionals, based on a number of personal interests; I am a freelance photographer and social media consultant with an undergraduate degree in Photojournalism. I have been blogging for some time now, sharing photos and bits of detail about events I have covered, but I would like to enhance and diversity my content beyond photography. As a freelancer, a business of one, I hope to learn how to turn my personal blog into a quality resource and enhance my personal business.  I have also just begun social media consulting for a large non-profit in the area and hope to guide them in the successful creation of a blog with the goals of diverse content, fundrasing and building a large readership.

After completing this course I would like to know:

  • Best practices for blogging
  • Best methods for content creation
  • How to build a readership
  • How to use a blog to generate revenue
  • Best practices for blending blogging and other social media

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