Social Strategy for

My social media strategy for includes Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube to start, with emphasis on Twitter and Facebook which would carry the same branding, feel and content as

Tactics for Building an Audience on

  • Share all posts on Facebook and Twitter
  • End blog posts with questions
  • Share information about both the canine and human fashion industry
  • Share links to other quality fashion and dog fashion blogs and shops
  • Include a Facebook and Twitter widget on the blog
  • Ask separate question on Facebook and Twitter
  • Offer fashion tips and discuss latest fashion trends including and beyond dog sweaters
  • Produce a weekly podcast and video blog recapping the weeks posts and conversations and cater to the content preferences of all readers
  • Include RSS feature
  • Include video blog and other internally made videos on YouTube
  • Guest blog and comment on other fashion blogs and blogs for animal lovers
  • Invite readers to comment and share information and thoughts and hold a weekly or monthly contest based on comments
  • Respond to comments to continue the conversation
  • Write Top 5 and Top 10 posts each week about doggie fashion and posh-pup lifestyle
  • Schedule posts to come out at the same time each day to build an expectation among frequent readers
  • Utilize specific tags for SEO and general categories for internal searches

Measuring Success and Analyzing Audience:  

  • Google Analytics
    • Find peak traffic time
    • Popular content
    • Entry path and referring sites
    • Unique visitors
  • Facebook Analytics
    • Demographics
    • Popular content
  • Twitter Analytic Tools
    • HootSuite Analytics to find popular links
    • Twitter Counter to track following growth
    • Klout to measure engagement and find other users to interact with


One Comment to “Social Strategy for”

  1. Hi- I just found your “class blog” through Twitter.

    These are all great strategies..the thing to remember is to always be learning- there are always cool new tools for bloggers out there!

    When you start your own blog, I have a social networking site I started for bloggers:

    The Blogging Buddies Social Network
    …you can create a profile, and add your blog, Twitter and Facebook links in the appropriate groups.

    We’re new, but growing daily!

    I’m local…… I am @bloggingbizmom on Twitter…

    Have a wonderful day and have fun learning to blog- it can be a bit addicting!

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